Motivated by this universal rule we create clothing that can change with you over time and therefore endure forever. To achieve this we derived a system of interdependent, modular parts. These parts can be combined into uncountable different shapes and forms tailored to your needs.

Over time you may add Parts to your Garment-System™ and adapt it to fit your changing requirements. Our goal is to create a fully circular product journey offering end-of-life recycling services for Parts on behalf of our collectors.


Each part within the Garment-System™ [GS] is detachable and interchangeable. The system utilises water-repellent zippers that enable you to combine parts freely and create custom editions.


To configure your edition, start from the core and add any part you like. Alternatively, you can choose from our suggested editions and upgrade them with additional parts. Select the same size across all parts of your edition to ensure compatibility.

The more parts you add to your Garment-System™ the more versatile it will be.


We design all our garments and parts with circularity in mind using mainly organic materials in combination with heat-dissolving Resortecs®-patented biopolymer threads. This design approach allows us to recycle undesired garments and parts for our customers.


We are working on setting up a repair and maintenance service for existing customers to enhance the experience and ensure extended clothing lifespan.


In the future, a recycling service for existing customers will enable the return of used parts and editions in exchange for store credit. The credit can then be used to buy new items. Konundrum will organise the recycling of the returned items on behalf of customers as a reward for their conscious behaviour and continued engagement.


100% Organic Cotton made in Switzerland

Water-resistant polyurethane-coated zippers made in Italy

Nickel-free stainless steel buttons made in Italy

Heat-dissolving bio-polymer THREAD patented by Resortecs®

Recycled Polyester Label tag