KONUNDRUM is exploratory, adaptive and unrestricted.

The Garment-System™ is a Canon of ideas and details. It comprises an ever-growing series of wearable outerwear components [Parts] which can be combined and interchanged into different garment configurations [Editions]. The garment can be co-curated depending on how the user assembles it, adapting to the weather or social context.

KONUNDRUM challenges the current state of the fashion industry using its Garment-System™ to continue the conversation around individuality, longevity and circularity. Seeking inspiration in the modes of other industries including architecture and software, the firm has adopted a range of exploratory approaches. A building can be used as a metaphor for KONUNDRUM’s design process – the garments are supported by the thought process in the same way a building is shaped by its structure. 

Instead of the usual linear process of fashion – one in, one out – earlier components can be
utilised depending on the user's need. By stripping away the element of time and seasonality KONUNDRUM merges past, present and future to create lasting functionality.

The firm's ongoing relationship with each component reinforces the permanence of the Canon. Garments are created to be timeless and since each is made of several components an older element can sit alongside a newer one.

The Garment-System™ looks forward whilst acknowledging the past. Each element has been designed holistically for continued compatibility. Due to the number of possible configurations, it is the collector who ultimately chooses how to contribute to the Canon in their own manner.